Hiep Tai Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 with the precursor of Hiep Tai Private Enterprise. Inheriting the experience of producing and exporting rice for more than 25 years, Hiep Tai has been improving gradually its fully closed rice production chain with a large model field with quality control and access. Clear origin, together with the production plant to achieve international food safety certification HACCP and BRC (certified by SGS). With the guideline of prestige along with quality, Hiep Tai has been supplying goods. rice for customers entering fastidious markets like Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Korea …


Vietnamese rice now has many different varieties of rice and produces a lot of rice products for export as well as domestic markets. Hiep Tai is also diversified in products according to market demands. Our main products include high quality long grain aromatic rice items such as KDM, Flower, Jasmine, special long grain rice like OM5451 to short-grain rice for shushi like Japonica.


Rice is an essential food in our daily life. If eating rice through bleaching, containing chemicals, pesticides, the health of the people will be seriously affected. Therefore, the producers will begin the process of making rice from the grain with the stage of selecting materials. Cotton wreaths Must be seeds, rattan seeds, firm, fragrant lúachín season. Paddy after harvest from the field, transported to the factory and finished drying will be stored in a cool warehouse, ready for milling. In this process, poor, low quality grain grains will be decentralized to feed cattle to ensure the best quality rice.